The Veterans of Underage Military Service has published three books of stories contributed by men and women who served in the armed forces of the United States before they attained the legal age for enlistment.  The three books were edited by Ray D. Jackson and Susan M. Jackson.

The first volume of America's Youngest Warriors was published in 1997,  and reprinted in 1999. The book contains 199 stories in its 660 pages.

America's Youngest Warriors - Volume II was published in September 2002.  The book contains 200 stories in its 660 pages.

The stories cover a time span of over a half century of our country's history from World War I to the Vietnam War. Most of the contributors served during World War II and the Korean War. One joined the Marines at age 14 in 1942 and earned the Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima, just five days after his 17th birthday. Several contributors are survivors of the Bataan Death March, and one tells of his years of incarceration in Stalag 17, the infamous German prison camp. Three young men who were killed in action before reaching the legal age for enlistment are profiled in Volume III. 

Although the three volumes follow the same theme, each story is unique. The contributors relate why they decided to enlist underage, how they circumvented the system to do so, and tell about some of their military experiences. Many end their stories with a strong affirmation of the value of their military service and how they would serve again without hesitation. To this day, these veterans profess a strong and unwavering love for their country and great pride in their unique service to it.

  • Book I, II, and III are no longer available except as may be announced in the NL one at a time.
  • New Book IV is available at $20 by calling Bonnie Bourque at 337 824 0865
  • Book V is available at $23 by calling Wise Publication at 337 527 8308